Thursday, May 7, 2009

So Little Time

Do you ever feel that if only you did not have to sleep, there would be time enough in a day? Tonight for instance, there are so many choices. The house is truly a mess. I could describe it. I won't. BUT, tomorrow is a fresh new day, perfect for cleaning, and tonight is my Friday night. I could also learn to crochet those granny squares for the pillow I am making. I could play with the raspberry, tangerine, pale yellow, and turquoise sock yarn that is calling my name, and join up little squares and circles into pretty patterns. BUT, I have also made myself a promise to be more healthful and exercise more. While crunches in the living room doesn't sound like nearly as much fun as yarn on the bed, I will feel better in the morning. 
So little time. It is already 9 o'clock. What to do...

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