Sunday, February 10, 2013

Embroidery Reveal

2012 Christmas Embroidery
This little guy was a Christmas present for someone special. Obviously. If they get handmade, they have to be special, right?
I found a similar stitching online, and pinned it to my inspiration board for later viewing. When the time came I printed it out and laid it under my fabric on the lightboard. If you are wondering, yes, the patterned fabric made it impossible to do any tracing. This was fine as I was mostly just using it for dimension. I added my own touches just for the recipient: cats, and birds abound. Of course, the patterned fabric also made it impossible to see the fabric pen, and I ended up tracing over most of it with a thin sharpie.

I was quite pleased with the finish, and I think so was the special someone.

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