Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Little Yarn

A lot of yarn actually. Whilst we were off galavanting, my lovely aunt dropped by a bag of yarn that a friend of hers was giving away! I thought that I would take this opportunity to show off some yarn and talk about projects.
I am working on two projects at the moment. A Bamboo scarf, and the unfinished pillows. I am really excited to finish both. Now this pile of scrumptious wool arrives, literally, at my doorstep, and I am wondering if there is enough for a sweater.
How do I tell, does anyone know? Each time I feel a Spring chill I think about the lace wrap that I want to knit for myself with that natural merino I got a while ago from knitpicks, and then I found this great pattern for a swingy skirt for Maddie.
Also, I still have the harem of cotton that is waiting to be crocheted into stripy pillows.

It is really terrible, so many projects, so little time.
Yes, that is a pile of yarn in the background that I dumped out on my bed, but refrained from rolling in.


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Oooh! New stash! Love the photos - is the new yarn wool? The gray is lovely. Not sure how you tell if you have enough for any given project...maybe they could tell you at the LYS (are you going to have it wound or do it yourself the old fashioned way?).

katielizabeth said...

Yes, wool! Yummy isn't it? I may just do it myself. I never have, it would be an adventure. I may do a sweater with grey and blue stripes, then for sure there would be enough.
So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the knot if you had rolled in it?! A project of untying it that would have kept maddie busy for hours! :)

katielizabeth said...

Hee heehheee!