Friday, May 22, 2009

And We Are Off!

Again.  Why are we sequestering ourselves in a car, on a crowded Freeway, on Memorial weekend, you might ask? Family. And family, as everyone knows, is crazy. BUT! I absolutely could not live without any of my family, so there it is.

This time we are off  to Mount Hermon  which is the home of family; and is near Ben Lomond, home to the craziest, coolest Italian Restaurant, EVER,  also the home of the house where I brought home my sweet baby girl, which is by Santa Cruz, which is the home of the hospital where said sweet baby girl was born. Whew!

I will bring you back a surfer, and a large Redwood tree.


Lynda said...

It is always great to catch up with family. Hope you have a great time sharing and caring together. Families are so special. How lovely for your daughter to grow up with the support and love of extended family.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Lynda's right - but there are days I'd like to send them all on a one-way ticket to Mars. Erin's grouchy daydream #342.

katielizabeth said...

Katie's grouchy daydream is Pluto. Katie is mean.