Monday, March 22, 2010

Most of All

Spoiler alert. Kind of. If you are really sensitive about being told anything at all about a movie before you have seen it.

And these are the things I love Most of All about Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland:

#1 "You've lost your muchliness. You are not as... muchly, as you used to be"

#2 The clothes. Oh, Alice's clothes, and the way they seem to be effortlessly twisted from yards of lace, and ribbon, and cloth. If my own wardrobe could be similarly constructed, I should wear nothing but ribbons, satin, and chiffon all of the time.

#3 Anne Hathaway as the White Queen playing the White Queen. There are no words.

#4 Alice's hair. And I thought, if I actually got a haircut, and got up in time to style my hair, and by some miracle found just the right products, there is a remote possibility that my hair could actually look like that. This never happens. Usually, I just think, "Wow, they have great hair. My hair will never look like that."