Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Santa Cruz

Wednesday  already!
Well, first things first. I will skim right over that excruciating car ride, and get right to the pretty stuff. There was a meltingly beautiful sunset on the way there, but as speeding down the California freeway is not the time for leisurely picture taking, you will just have to trust me.  There is a line in Pat Conroy's Beach Music, "Venice has always brought me face to face with the insufficiency of language when confronted by such timeless beauty." This sunset was that beautiful. At one point the whole world turned a deep apricot pink. 
Skipping over the midnight arrival, and all of the boring bits, and going straight to the evening walk the next day with it's twisty turny bits,  gorgeous smells, and orange monkey flowers.

The woods of Mount Hermon.

And, as promised, the Redwoods. The whole family packed up for this one, and at one point the whole family packed into a burnt out tree. We all ducked into the rabbit hole entrance and gazed up at charcoal ceiling. 

Sorry, no surfer. The beach was too windy for pictures. It was too windy for people, really. 

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