Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fairy Tale

Our world is full of floating Cottonwood pollen. It is filling the air,  piling up in corners, catching in blossoms, and frosting the grass. It is horrible for allergy sufferers, and if I could wish it away, I would; but since I cannot, I will enjoy this feeling that I am in the middle of a woodland scene from  Legend. If there was ever a glittery, floaty, fantastical, fairytale movie, Legend is it.  It stars Tom Cruise back when his smile was irresistible
 (you know, before he got impossibly creepy, and bat-shit crazy,) and the beautiful Mia Sarah, and Tim Curry, as the best Devil ever. 
If you are in the mood for fairy tales and glitter, as I have been. This is the movie for you.
I tried to capture the floaty stuff on film. The pictures turned out pretty, but you can't really see the magic. Try to imagine it there.


Lynda said...

We have the Cootamundra wattle tree pollen here. It looks exactly like your Cottonwood pollen only yellow. It looks so beautiful but again as you said horrendous for allergy suffers of which I am one. I just have to watch that movie now! I think I would like it.

katielizabeth said...

You have to love something with a name like Cootamundra wattle. We just don't have that naming knack her in the U.S.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

A whosawhatll tree? Wow - sometimes I think Dr. Suess must have lived in Australia at some point.