Friday, May 1, 2009

And We're Off!

Off for the weekend. My sweet husband is going on a weekend field trip to Astoria for work, and I get to go! I think that I am all ready to go. I have jeans and comfy tops, and cute tops, and comfy shoes, and cute shoes. I have pajamas, two pairs. I have cosmetics, hairs products, and my toothbrush. I packed a bag of yarn and hooks, enough for three projects, for lounging about with projects time.  I packed a couple of magazines that I have yet to crack open. I have my camera for proof. I have my light, red jacket; and my long, red coat; for strolling about the waterfront in all weather. I have a black bamboo scarf tucked into my project bag- just in cases. I think that I am ready.

I am ready for lolling about, and strolling about. I am ready for boutiques, and bookshops, and beaches, and cafes. I am so ready. 

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