Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Secret Garden

I felt absolutely no remorse when I cut these lilacs. The lilac bush sits way out at the back of our yard, behind the pear tree. You can't see the flowers from any part of the yard, window of the house, or view from the street. Talk about poor planning. 

This is a cheater picture. It is from last year. 
This one is this year.
I just love it when growing things grow in "curtains and fountains," as Mary Lennox would say. (click on Mary- I literally googled "Secret Garden curtains and fountains" and this was the first link that came up. Too cool.) I love it when they sprawl, and creep, and drape all over everything, and refuse to stay put. Maybe that is why I dislike boxwood hedges. They can be perfectly lovely in a formal English garden, but they are so darn obedient. 

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Emerson Merrick said...

A true kindred spirit!