Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fairy Tale Horses

Now you know what all of the glitter was about. We plan to have a whole herd of dream horses someday. Click here to see our inspiration and download horse patterns.


Diane said...

This is so funny...I had just taken a peek at the fairy tale horses by Ann Wood and decided I wanted to try making them from regular but very fancy papers....such as one finds at the great Michael's craft supply stores. I would make colorful felt buttons to sew their legs on and then comes the fun with embellishment! Oh, darn. I am behind now.
Love your fairy tale versions! So light and airy and imaginary! Thanks for sharing.
Faraway Grandma

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

I knew you'd be making these horses the moment I saw the link. Excellent job and kudos to Maddie!

Lynda said...

How funny I just downloaded the pattern yesterday so I could make it with Kaylee this week. Yours look wonderful. I imagine Kaylee will want glitter on hers too.