Saturday, May 9, 2009


Can enough good things really be said about Mothers? I feel about Mother's Day, the same way that I feel about Earth day. "Earth gets ONE day!?" Although, honestly I believe that Mothers get more appreciation than Earth.
My own Mother (pictured above in some of my all time favorite pictures) is, well, amazing. One of the precious things about these pictures is that they have captured a few rare moments of stillness. My Mother is never still. She is always jumping up, moving around, cleaning something, and generally making things easier, or doing something, for someone else. It is very easy to be lazy when my Mother is around. It would be impossible to say enough good things about her. She is always sweet, always helpful, always giving, loving, thoughtful. She will hate this post. She will be embarrassed. I am saying it anyway!

I am lucky enough to have collected quite a few Mothers of the most wonderful kind in the years that I have been alive. I have come by some honestly, and some I keep out of pure selfishness. I have no business having so many wonderful Mothers, but I am keeping them anyway. How else am I going to grow up to be a good Mama like them?

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Julie said...

Katie I love your blog! It is so very you! I'm enjoying your writing and great descriptiveness (is that a word?) Wonderful pictures of your mom! Happy Mothers Day!