Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seasonal Bliss

A little walk in the last of the day's sunshine. I watched my Maddie dance, prance, sing, and spin her way around poles; twirl, kick, and jump her way over and around fences, rocks, trees; and bounce her way through every last bit of that energy. All that energy. 

The rest of us (me) were content browse in those last sun drenched minutes, and revel peacefully in the resulting colors. As much as you can browse peacefully with a live sparkplug bouncing along beside you, anyway. 

There is great joy in the ability to see the seasons by the changes in bloom and color. I love the way the Iris come into bloom just at their special time, after the magnolias, and before the roses. I love the way they smell like fresh grapes and musty velvet. I love the way the scotch broom garnishes the hills with gold just as the lupine shoots purple and pink spires up by the roadsides; and how I know that the gold and purple will be followed by blankets of tall, white daisies, which smell awful but are so friendly and pristine in the hot dry fields. 
I just love that.
And look, it's red!


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Lovely iris - a dark beauty. Ours are all siberian dwarf iris. Short and sweet. One patch is white and the other soft purple. Can't wait to get my camera back to photograph them!

The alphabet is over - I'm kind of sad!

Lynda said...

I've never seen a bearded iris so dark. It's stunning. Is that californian poppy in the background. Purple and orange, my favourites! Ah, the last days of Spring! such a pretty season in the garden.