Sunday, May 17, 2009


I did forget my camera, which was indeed unfortunate, as yesterday was a grand reunion. I got to meet up with friend that I had seen only once in 10 years. I got to meet her wonderful little family, and we wandered about the campus where we met and had so many good times. So it is only fitting that U is also for: University. 

Universities are the perfect setting for demonstrations of all kinds. I came to campus one morning to find the grass covered with red and white flags representing war, war prisoners, numbers of something sad and awful. But the effect was beautiful.
An aesthetic favorite: bricks and sunlight, dappled or otherwise
A view out one University library window.
The bus stop.
An artsy overlook.
Mmm, the library.
So, we don't get to have proof of Saturdays adventures: not our favorite tomato cheese soup, not the ice cream or playground, not the giant chair, the LYS, or the miles we sauntered over sunny sidewalk until our children fell apart. But we will do have those lovely memories, and our promise not to let 7 years go by before another visit. 

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