Thursday, April 23, 2009

Words, words, words. Part 1?

I have never understood the compulsion to surf the net for hours upon hours. What could possibly be more fascinating than actual life? But then, a friend of mine started Stop Looking out my Window, and even though she lives too far for daily visits, I get to visit her daily. I get to see the comings, and goings and growing ups. There was a link in a list to Attic 24 , and Me too! I want to read about Lucy's lovely life in the UK with her colors, and her stripy crochet, and all of the crafty giddiness with which she brightens her world, and by sharing them, my world too. 
Then I spot that both my far away friend, and  lovely Lucy in the UK like to get Cozy with Posie. I know that both of these women have a particular sense of just what is special so I take a peek, to see what they see there. Her little blog world is full of craft and comfort, and Me too! I want to get cozy too! By now I am completely addicted. I click from Posie's Artists who Blog, and read Alicia Paulson tell about her experience with writing her blog. She managed to put into words much that I had been thinking or trying to think. 
 I want to be a part of this community of people with so much to share. Through their words and pictures I have realized that remembering, and taking the time to record the small pieces can make life; and it is the same life with its dishes and laundry, blown tires, and work-for-a-paycheck; somehow this can make it more. More beautiful, more interesting. Just More. The details don't seem so small anymore. They are the pieces that make each day more than the sum of its parts. 

I keep my friends bookmarked, and I visit them each day blissful in the knowledge that there are more kindred spirits out there than I used to think. 


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Isn't it true? There is so MUCH out there to give us pause - to dream of, think about, analyze, inspire or to just absorb. I feel like I've discovered a new way to live - and it's by living creativly in the company of other crafty people. I'm so glad we have this new connection, you and I! Life is definitely richer for it. :)

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Oh, and I LOVE the paintings! Makes me want to get my paints out (they've been sadly neglected for too many years - I must find a way to incorporate them back into life).