Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GD: Saturday

I feel that I should clarify that the visiting Grandparents are not MY grandparents, but are my daughter's. However, for the same reason that my own parents  have evolved into Grammy and Papa, and my sister is Auntie Bethy, so shall our visitors henceforth be called Grama D and Grampa T. 
Grama D and Grampa T arrived with little fanfare, but many hugs. The snuggly bowls were given and properly appreciated by all. I promised Grampa T that the next yarny ;) gift would be a knitted cap for his cold head. 
Saturday came. Grama D and I snuck off for a day of shopping, just the two of us. What fun! We went to my favorite local shopping center, the Fifth Street Market, and spent  about 2 hours in the kitchen store alone. We oohed and adored just about every object in the place, admiring its color, its shape, and even at times its usefulness- as I think that only women can really do. D bought me the most wonderful kitchen soap. See above. 
Zucchini Blossom and Truffle. I have not taken my pig out lately for a good truffle sniff, but I have to say that I truly doubt that they smell anywhere near as amazing as this particular soap. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. 
By then as you can imagine, we were hungry, and for my part, desperately in need of caffine. 
Which was no problem.
I love this shopping center.
While we were feasting, a sparrow stopped at the cafe for a quick snack. 

He didn't stay long. 
Neither did we.
By this time we had both noticed the ribbon/button/embroidery smorgasbord next door. 
This is a really great little shop. It is full of color and beautiful ideas for all kinds of stitchery. But this is no time to stop and smell the buttons! We still had to make a trip to my favorite Local Yarn Store before the day was really and truly complete. I found some lustrous cotton yarn for some stripy pillows. The colors are perfect! A wonderful way to part with some un-birthday money. What a gorgeous day. We stuffed ourselves full of color, and sniffed out all of the very best sniffs. Lucky, lucky us. Sigh.
Next up: GD: Sunday


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Oh Katie! The ribbon! That is a wall of utter loveliness. And the yarn is wonderful. What's the name of the LYS? I miss 5th Street Market - remember when you bought me the branch of pussywillows to cheer me up after I'd had an argument with JJ? That's my favorite memeory of the place.

Lynda said...

Argh! I missed this post. Can one shop have all that much yarn. Looks amazing. The colours are so cheerful.