Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Growing up

My Maddie and I came to an important agreement the other day. She felt that she needed more "grown up things" and she had a list. We narrowed the list down a bit and came up with two grown up things.
One: She gets to stay up until 8:00pm instead of 7:30. The catch is that she must be ready for bed all on her own with no reminding by 7:30. If she cannot handle this important responsibility then she forfeits the privilege of a late bedtime.  

Thus far this works out in my favor. I don't even have to say "Brush you teeth." That is part of the deal. I like it.

Two: She gets to pick out her own clothes for school, as long as they are weather appropriate. Few things bother me as much as little girls coming to school in shorts and flip flops in the snow. 

I have noticed that she wears the same t-shirt rather more often that I would choose, but the house is a bit more peaceful. She seems just a small bit happier, and maybe just a little more grown up.  

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