Monday, April 27, 2009

Grandparenty Days: Friday

Whew! What a lot! First there was the pre-visit scurry, and then the pleasant bustle of visiting, and then straight off to work again on Monday- Monday with its Mondayness, and more than its own fair share of work.
So now I get to sit down with my grown up (that means spiked) hot chocolate and relive the all of the fun.
We will start at the beginning, and when we get to the end, we'll stop. 
Friday was a hurry and jump about day, mostly because I had a last minute project to complete. For complete, read: wait several hours for project to dry in front of heater. 
Here they are before the felting.
 Here they are, all sweet, felted and dry. 
This project was a first for me. They were super easy, and after a few tries I could make them just the size I wanted. These are crochet, with double strands of wool worsted. As instructed, I tossed then in a hot washing machine to felt. They did not felt quite as well as I had expected, but the crochet gives them such a nice texture that I did not mind. 

All of that waiting gave me plenty of time to clean house, and really it there anything better than a clean house? Ok, If you run the numbers, there are many things that are actually better than a clean house.  There is stepping out of a hot shower into a clean house and having someone hand you a mug of coffee, a chocolate scone, and a good book; but we are living in the real world. So a clean house is pretty good, and when it is all clean I like to wander from room to room and bask in the coziness of it. Then I like to wander from room to room and enjoy the nothing-to-tidy-up feeling of it. Pretty good, right?

Next up Grandparenty Days: Saturday.

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Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

I love love love these bowls! I have a pattern for making felted boxes (from one of the Mason-Dixon books) and have thought it would be fun to make them - talk about fuel for the fire!