Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thursday is a special day, because Thursday is my Friday and I get to stay at home with my little family which is one of my very favorite things. Tonight, as a reward for being so good all week (I am not sure how I was so good exactly, but I am sure that I deserve a reward) I am going to curl up in bed with my new book and have myself a good read until a fall asleep. I am reading The Little Giant of Aberdeen County.  Isn't the cover just fabulous? I would read it for the cover alone. A book with a cover like that simply cannot be bad. 
Reading in bed is a special treat. It rates right up there with chicken noodle as a cure all. Or a glass of wine with Oreo cookies, or so says a very good friend of mine. I have also heard that pizza and a movie can do the trick. What is your cure-all? 

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