Friday, April 17, 2009

Singing with a Hairbrush

I am so excited that I am practically giddy. Today I get to be home, and clean my cozy little house, and sit and finally put to use the crochet skills that I have been slowly learning in 10 minute intervals. I may even learn granny squares! There will be laundry, sure. But there will be books too, and yarn, and if that is not enough, there may be a walk in the rain. There is no sunshine yet today, but that is not stopping me. The drizzle is only making the inside an even more peacely place to be. 
My mother found this mug amidst some memorabilia and other clutter while she was partaking in one of our favorite pastimes: cleaning and organizing. To tell the truth, only organizing falls  into that category, but the two go together, so there you are. 
I can remember drinking my milk and turning the writing on the mug into a little tune. I wonder if I really sang it aloud, or if it was a song in my head alone. 
My Maddie would sing it aloud for sure. She would sing it while drinking her milk, and then she would turn it into a pop ballad, dress up, and sing it in the living room with a hairbrush in her hand, standing on the toy box, and looking in the mirror. She really knows how to live. 


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Ah to be a kid with any inhibitions. I wish I still had the tapes I made of myself (and Sarah) singing and talking to the tape recorder. I remember recording my dad reading Wocket In My Pocket - oh, that I still had those!

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

I meant "without" any inhibitions, of course!