Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fine Arts

Being as we are, on a quest for the Idyllic. And declaring as we now have, our intention of drowning ourselves in domesticity. We are off to the park, where there is an Easter egg hunt organized by Someone Else. This Someone Else is important. It means that you do not have to do jack squat but show up and participate. It may be some people's joy in life to organize activities for other people to enjoy, I however believe that there is BIG FUN ( as my favorite SPQ would say) to be had in the fine art of doing jack squat. 

Times passes...
There are eggs. Many eggs. Of the colored plastic variety. There are children. Many children. Of the loud, crowded variety. They resemble nothing so much as locusts. There are no more eggs. 

BIG FUN has been overestimated. The Idyllic has been sought, but not yet found. 

I think that I will go knit something now.

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