Monday, April 13, 2009

I Love the Weekend

I was SO productive this weekend. Not only did I finish both of my knitting projects, but I managed Easter at two houses as well. Easter was fine, but back to the knitting projects. The poncho is done, and very cute (see below) and the baby blanket is finally finished. Baby blankets are sweet, and soft, and they are special; but they do take a very  long time to knit. Now the baby blanket is done and ready to move on to its sweet, and as yet unborn new owner. I am ready to move on to a fun new project. I am thinking I might take up the hook, and go to work on some fun stripy pillows in babydoll and clementine Risata yarn for my Maddie. Anyone else ready for the weekend?

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Matthew said...

Nice!!! That is one lucky baby