Friday, April 10, 2009

Hue and Tint

I live in a house with two red doors and a black cat. There is a shiny black floor that took a week to plaster and paint after we ripped out the old carpet. The paint smelled like turpentine, and drove us out of the house for two days. In my daughter's room the floor is pink, with white checkers, and there are five mirrors in the living room. This by way of introduction. But really I think that the best way to do this is to get right to the stories.

I have been thinking a lot about color lately. Well, really I always think a lot about color. I design things for a living. I think a lot about fonts, layout, and correct spelling as well.
I made purple potatoes for dinner.

 If you have not had purple potatoes, you should. As soon as possible. They are literally ten times better than normal potatoes. Plus, they keep their color after you cook them, which is just fun.  I also made a version of coq au vin so the entire dinner was really quite purple. I say a "version" because I wikipediaed coq au vin, and I don't use old rooster. 

We also colored Easter eggs today. We like the old fashioned, no frills dye. Funny how it never gets old. The little pills dissolving in the vinegar, like so many circus bound Alka-seltzer, and the same sugary combinations of colors marked with little smudgy finger prints that you can never quite avoid. Hours of fun, and not really that much mess or clean up. My kind of art project. My 8 year old seemed to like it too.  


cujosgonewild said...

Hi! Looks like I stumbled across a new blog :)

I have to ask... where does one find purple potatoes? I'm willing to try them out at least once!

Keep up the blogging!

katielizabeth said...

That is so bizarre, I JUST posted this.
You can find them at your local grocery store very rarely. Usually over in the special section with mushrooms and cacti.
I think that I have seen them a Trader Joes at times as well. Have to keep your eye out.
They are very sweet and flavorful.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Oooh, I love purple potatoes - they make fabulous mashed potatoes (though that freaked JJ out a little!). And I love your photos - drenched in color!

Vicki said...

Wow Katie, Love your blog. You do a great job. Fun photos and fun read. Love Mom

Diane said...

I think your Easter eggs are a "work of art". One year a friend of mine made all her dyes from natural products, just like the Indians made their dyes. Berries, beets, carrots, and many, many more foods work great. Down here, in California, one may fine purple potatoes at most all grocery stores....right next to the red ones! They are fun! I also see them at Trader Joes and the health food stores.