Friday, June 12, 2009

Roses, Ivy Tunnels, and a Touch of the Empty

Today we set off on a stroll on a day that was alternately overcast, and blazing hot. We set off with the specific purpose of walking down streets that we had never before set foot upon. As a result, we walked a few places with signs that said, "No outlet." Okay by us. It was a little challenging to find untrod paths, or even paths less taken, as we were walking not a mile from our own door. However, we were persistent and managed to find a soupcon of the scarce.

Like this tiny circus cart, set out for the express purpose of displaying flowers. I am actually not sure what this little cart was meant to be, originally, but it made me smile. Anyone know? 

Mmm. Roses.

Do you see the tunnel in the ivy? There is something so inviting about tunnels. Don't you think?
(See top for closer peek)
And apparently I am drawn to slightly bizarre. Too many Stephen King novels in my youth?

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