Thursday, June 4, 2009

Real Simple

This magazine is the only time that I have ever bought a magazine straight off the shelf because of the cover. I have wanted to many times. Especially wedding magazines. They are so beautiful. But this is the only time that I have actually done it. I still love this cover. It gives me chills, it is so good. It has everything: Shoes, books, gorgeous handbag, vintage furniture, a touch of france, classic fonts, stunning colors, and a yellow rose. All that and it is still simple and uncluttered. It is everything that I would like my life to be. Simple, and full of beautiful things. In fact, I redid my entire living room around this cover. I even went so far as to paint the toy chest that sits in the room in an exact replica of the wallpaper. It looks pretty cute, though it is usually covered with stacks of books. Not neat attractive stacks, like you see here, but we live in the real world don't we. If I could find a pair of ruby patent leather shoes, they would somehow find a place in my living room. 

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Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Ah, yes, I've been subscribing to this magazine for years. It's excellent, though lately it's been getting a bit redundant. Check out Victoria - another favorite!