Thursday, June 11, 2009

Robin's Egg Blue, and Surrealism

Isn't it strange how you can live in a town almost all of your life, and still walk down bits of street that you have never, ever seen before. Or maybe you have seen them, but they were not the same. Maybe it was winter, and raining so that all you saw was the pavement; or it was two years ago when the blackberries had grown up over the house like something out of a Tom Robbins novel. Maybe you drove or walked right by this particular spot, but your mind was thinking of taxes, or dinner, in which case it really doesn't count.
In any case I drove by a particular bit of street that I had simply never seen before, and later that evening I made sure that our after dinner walk took us to just that spot. 

I had to show you this practically perfect little building. 
It is the most perfect shade of robin's egg blue. I know, because on the way home my daughter found half of a robin's egg, and it was just that same color. 

It turned out, that there were some other treasures, as well, like this strangely surreal little site. 
It is good to know that even your own hometown can still surprise you. 

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Diana Jo said...

Katielizabeth, the words you write are so true. Sometimes the path we take every day changes each time we traverse it. Or someone will say, "you know, that tree that sits in the yard that you drive by everyday, they cut it down." And you think, what tree, what yard that I drive by every day? And suddenly you realize, after someone brings it to your attention, that the tree you saw everyday suddenly isn't there. But alas, your little Robin Egg Blue Cottage, I love that color name by the way, still stands and now that you have realized it, you can walk by it and appreciate it and let it continue to surprise you.