Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Endings

It was the last day of third grade today. In just a couple of months, my little girl will be nine years old. A couple of months after that, she will be in fourth grade. Fourth grade. It is incredible how having a child marks the passage of time. She was this perfect little baby, then an adorable toddler. Now, all of the sudden she is a child, a person, with annoying habits, and toe jam. She can be deeply difficult and breathtakingly sweet within the space of  five minutes. She is just as I imagined her, and nothing like I planned.


Lynda said...

Ditto x 7
"A child comes into our lives and fills a special place in our hearts, a place we never even knew was empty."

Diana Jo said...

katielizabeth I love the photo and how it represents little Maddie compared to young mother, wonderful you. It reminds me of how 29 years ago when my baby boy was one week old I cried because I looked at his tiny baby hand and imagined when he was a man there would be hair growing out the back of it. But I'm so proud of that man and 20 years from now you will be the same proudful parent of the young woman Madison will become. And she will still be just as you imagined her and nothing like you planned.
And Lynda, if ditto x 7 means you have 7 children I am immensly jealous of you and profoundly grateful I have only two.

katielizabeth said...

Being the mother of a little girl, I have always wondered about that feeling of having a boy. Girls change so gracefully from a child to a woman. There is some gawkiness, a few awkward moments, and it doesn't feel graceful when you are going through it; but boys are a whole other thing. One minute you are holding his little hand, and the next he is looking down at the top of your head, booming out "hi mom," and working construction. Unimaginable.