Monday, June 22, 2009

Checklist Overload

Home. Alone. I think that there are a few of you who will know what I mean when I say that. Really and truly alone. Really. These times are so funny for me. I often think of all that I could accomplish if only I had some "alone time." Then when I do, it suddenly seems strange and overwhelming, and I end up doing something ridiculous like having a Harry Potter Movie marathon. 
Truthfully, I was very productive this weekend. Maddie spend the Entire day on Friday with her paper dolls. She turned the living room into a paper doll community, with houses made out of movies, and books, and shoes. It took her half the day to set up the neighborhood, and the rest of the day was spent dressing bears, and finding just the right gown for the ball. So I had a peaceful day to work on My List. 
I worked on my website. Check. 
I wound by hand all of this fabulous Brown Sheep Wool that someone gave me if you can believe such a thing. I had never wound wool by hand. It was fairly soothing if time consuming. Definitely a movie watching project, so I watched several hours of Carnivale while I wound. Strange show, but visually enthralling. Check.
Rather by accident I ended up going through every wedding photo, and finally (the wedding was in August) picking out my favorites for printing. I was favorably surprised to find more photos that I liked than I first suspected might be there. I had to write this one on my list so that I could actually cross it off (does anyone else do that?) but then, Check.

Make Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies for Father's day. Check. 
Painting dollhouse with Maddie. half-Check. It is still sitting unfinished on the kitchen table, waiting for another day. 
And then I ran out of steam. Not so sure the fires have been stoked yet. Harry Potter Marathon it is. 


Diana Jo said...

Four and one half checks. That is pretty darn good. I probably would have opted for the movie marathon. Speaking of marathons, I think on my "alone" day I spent 6 straight hours watching "America's Next Top Model." I felt pretty pathetic after that. At least you had balls of yarn to show for your efforts.

katielizabeth said...

See, alone time is always spend doing something ridiculous. It is like a rule.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

I'm with you - though it's often a toss up between Lord of the Rings or The 13th Warrior. Girl - you need a swift!

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

And yes I write things down just so I can check them off too. Everyone needs a hobby.

Matthew said...

The check I liked the best were the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies...they are awesome! Thanks hon, you're the best!