Friday, June 19, 2009

Forgotten, but not Gone

I had forgotten my childhood. 
Well, not really, but I had forgotten my paper dolls. I have a huge collection of them, and I had forgotten all about it until today when my daughter asked me to print some of the Betsy McCall dolls for her. We were out of colored ink in our printer, so that didn't work, which led me to thinking of what else might be available. Then, kind of out of the blue, I remebered: I have LOTS of paper dolls. I have really good ones! 

I have Queen Elizabeth and Empress Eugenie with beautiful dresses.

I have Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty with beautiful faces. 

I have bride and groom paper dolls, and Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly. I have ballet paper dolls with matching costumes from famous ballets. I played with these a Lot. 

So no surprise, Maddie went for the dancers first.

I got a big grin on my face, and ran upstairs to dig them all out. Just the perfect thing for a drizzly summer morning.


Matthew said...

Now they are all over the living room floor!!! She is obviously liking and getting good use out of them.

Lynda said...

Aaah that brings back so many memories. I loved paper dolls. I must download some for Kaylee. I bet you had so much fun just remembering.

Anonymous said...

I love logging onto your blog after a number of days go by and looking at your photos, reading your thoughts and the comments others post on your thoughts. It gives me the opportunity to see into your everyday life in a way that I wouldn't get to otherwise. I also love the communication between you and Diana Jo

mer said...

how fun! thanks for letting me know.



Diane said...

Guess what? When I was a kid in the 40's and 50's I had Margaret Obrien paper dolls and they were really the "hot ticket". How I wish I had a "box upstairs". It would be wonderful to dig out those paper dolls for an afternoon of nostalgia. Last I checked, Margaret Obrien is alive but I will "google" her name and look for an up-date.
Thanks for sharing...
Faraway Grandma

katielizabeth said...

How fun, I google her and her paper dolls. I can imagine you playing with them.