Saturday, June 27, 2009


I woke up yesterday with the desperate need to NOT be at home. I had that overwhelming housebound feeling that you get when you know that if you stay at home, you will wind up doing chores all day, and you just really don't want to. That knowing feeling that even if you spread a blanket out in the yard and try to relax, the weeds will mock you and give you no peace. 

I racked my brain, and could think of no proper area of seclusion. So my hunny, (thanks for humoring me, babe) popped online and searched out a park: No Bathrooms, no special points of interest. Perfect. 

Normally for picnicking we might stop and pick up our favorite snack-able treats, but as we are pinching pennies at the moment, I threw together the contents of the fridge and ended up with chicken sandwiches and strawberry muffins leftover from breakfast. We filled up our water bottles, folded the adventure quilts, and Let's get out of here.
The road was windy and dappled, and the fields were full of daisies like snow, and purple sweet peas. The little park was right by the river and all covered by trees. 

Now, the day was not perfect. Little Maddie would not be still. She wanted a walk, and when walking she wanted to sit. She did her utmost to intrude upon the peace of the day with a fair amount of complaining. But there were lovely bits too when the path was windy, and the trees were mossy. 

All told, not a bad day at all.

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Diana Jo said...

Good for you, making yourselves get out and about. My daddy use to do the same thing with his brood of five kids and a wife. Sometimes a lot of effort but always worth it.