Friday, August 21, 2009

Treasure Hunting and School Shopping

Today was all set aside for massive school shopping, but we caught wind of a little estate sale going on and heard that there might be knitting "stuff" there. So we took a detour. There was, as expected, a large amount of Red Heart acrylic, many buttons, and lots of polyester, but tucked away in a corner I found the knitting needles! I have been waiting for just such a score, and searched through the flotsam for a set of every size. I also found a vintage silk handkerchief and this perfect little girl's organza dress from the 50's (I think.) I won't even tell you what I paid for the whole lot. You will be too jealous. I will just show you some close ups and shut up about it.

Here is a detail of the bodice of the dress. I know, perfect. I am almost of a mind to hang it in a window, but Maddie says that she will wear it. I am all about starting her early on vintage. I say, pair it with some faded denim...

I did not find this little top at the sale, I found it at our favorite treasure hunting stop Value Village, but it is such a to die for reproduction of the cotton/poly house dresses that everyone's grandma wears (you know what I am talking about, right?), that had to include it. It is a perfect replica, except for the gorgeous and flattering silky fabric, and the fact that it was made by Victorias' Secret.

We did get around to school shopping, for several hours in fact. I am please to announce that my daughter in finally fun to shop with, though it works best if the trip is entirely centered around her.


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Score on the knitting needles! Excellent finds. We must take a shopping trip together this fall! We simply must!

Diana Jo said...

The organza dress is gorgeous. You will have to do a follow up picture with Madison wearing it. I like the "with a pair of jeans" idea too.