Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sand and Waves

This last week, my sweet husband and I escaped to the coast for two days. The Oregon coast is one of the "most peacefulest" spots on the planet according to me, and my memories of the week are a happy haze of foggy beaches, delicious food, red wine, the tangy smell of salt in the air, the musty smell of camping gear, a good book, campfire, and the sound of rain on the tent. Here is a little slideshow of beachiness, maybe we can pretend we are there now.


Lynda said...

Take me there. It looks wonderful. So tranquil with not a person in sight.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Is there anything better than a Northwest Pacific beach? I think not.

Diana Jo said...

Ah yes, beachiness, I can feel and smell it now. Glad you shared your anniversary pics. My favorite is the one with the little town sitting on the bluff with the low tide in the foreground and little birds searching in the sand. We drove all the way up the Oregon Coast starting way down in Mendocino CA in 2003. Oregon REALLY does have the most beautiful coast line.