Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome Guest

Oh, and this is Joe the class Hamster. He stayed at our house this weekend. I had a whole post about Joe, and running errands really quickly and returning just in time to pick him up at school. But I only wrote it in my head, and now it is gone, and it is too late anyway because that was Friday, and now it is Monday.


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Hey Joe!

Glad you like the Halloweenies - they knit up so quick I did't have to wait long to post them!

Diana Jo said...

Yes, Joe is cute but thank goodness he belongs to the class and not to Madison because I can tell you from past experience (even though it was a long time ago) owning any caged animal is a pain in the you name it.
You become a slave to cleaning that cage because Hamster poop really stinks after while. Well, I guess any poop stinks if it piles up. Just gross. Bye, bye welcome guest.

amy said...

Oh goodness..."Hello Joe old friend....I do hope your stay with Miss Katie was a lovely one...I am most certain that you were not rude enough to run on your wheel contraption all through the night..keeping the family up all hours of the night at their wits end? indeed, I do believe that is a pleasure you simply reserve for us" :)

As for you Katie my friend and little Miss Maddie...we will see you soon xoxo

PS.....I thought of you earlier as I was watching Wives and was something about a kind face and liking them for just that reason.