Sunday, October 4, 2009

View From the Couch

Quite peacely according to me, which is quite important as I do spend a fair bit of time here.

This is Samantha the cat (aka Sammy) who is by all measures, a complete Scaredy Cat and would not last 2 minutes outside. In personality she is most like Jenny-Any-Dots, though I doubt if she would be brave enough to teach the rats to sew. As a house cat she is quite satisfactory, as she likes nothing more than a good lap sit. She has learned that I am not the most satisfactory candidate for such sitting as I am still only when knitting. She has not learned the term "no room" nor has she learned the value of feet-sitting where she would actually be useful. Unlike on my lap in the middle of my yarn.


Diana Jo said...

I love to take a nap with a cuddly cat on a cold winter day. Too bad my husband deprives me of this simple pleasure.

katielizabeth said...

Yeah, what a putz :)