Friday, October 9, 2009

The Magic Word

We have been having the most wonderful Fall weather; cold foggy nights, and crisp blue sky days like an apple cold off the tree. I have been fiercely craving carrot cake, and not just the eating, but the stirring and baking of it.

I have 5 or 6 projects on my knitting needles, or at least in my queue, and a Knitpicks order is brewing. Unfortunately, too few of these projects will become crafty posts as many are holiday surprises. Perhaps a post Christmas unveiling. I have the urge to carve a pumpkin, and scoop out one for Maddie too. I want to collect red leaves, and wear scarves. Of course, I always want to wear scarves, so that hardly counts, but still. There are a million little ideas and wishes brewing around and giving me butterflies in my tummy. I know I am not alone. I do truly love this time of year.


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

And I know which scarf you should be wearing first! Is it almost done??? At least that one you can show off. I put in my knitpicks order - can't wait for it to arrive. Mostly greens with a few oranges, blacks and a red thrown in. Hurray for holiday crafting!

Diana Jo said...

Oh yes, Fall is that very wonderous time of year, my favorite too. Now is the time Dean should be begging for that apple pie. I have been considering zucchini bread. Whatever the culinary delight, its time to bake.
Love you Katie girl.

Anonymous said...

Love this photo. Was it taken in your back yard?

katielizabeth said...

yes it was!