Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pretty, but Not So Eloquent

Yesterday, my friend Kala the Great was having an art show opening in Florence, at a little shop called Silver Linings. Seeing this as a brilliant excuse to drive the two hours to the coast we hopped in the car and drove. While we drove the windy roads through the glorious weather, with the blue skies, and the changing leaves, I remember thinking thoughts of what I would write about the day. I thought about how I really should have gotten my oil changed before we made the trip, and how I would have to do it today. I though many things, but anything that was really and truly interesting seems lost to me. Of course, when we arrived home from our lovely little adventure, when the words were still fresh in my head, I was far to tired to do much more than rinse off the sand, and crawl into bed.

But! I do know, that the show was great (Kala has that art show opening thing down ) it will be there all month, so stop by if you are in the neighborhood. The beach was perfect for kite flying, if only we had a kite. For some reason unknown to me there were jellyfish scattered here and yon on the beach. Why is that, does anyone know? At the very end there was an inky black evening, of twisting road to travel home, but before the end there was clam chowder. Clam Chowder is sort of a prerequisite to a good day on the beach, I think.


Diana Jo said...

Very nice pictures Katie. I especially like the last one. Would loved to have seen a pic or two of Kala art. Is that a no no? I remember going to one of her shows but have completely forgotten her medium, metal?
I submitted 15 photographs for a calendar contest highlighting Old Towne Sac., Sac. night life and downtown Sac. activities like the Jazz Festival. Would be cool if they selected at least one of mine.
I'll keep you posted.
Love Auntie Di

katielizabeth said...

That is so cool! You will have to keep me posted. I did take some pics of the show, but none turned out. I know, bummer. Kala works with metal and a lot of found objects. The wire basket in my living room is one of hers.