Friday, July 10, 2009

Summertime Blues, and Gifts

There is something about a gift given when there is no particular holiday to cue you in that you might perhaps be in the way of getting a gift. It is special and tingly. I bit ago a dear friend of mine sent me a special gift slipped into a book, and it made me smile very much. It came at a time when it was very needed. The unexpected part was that the book took on new meaning, and became intertwined with the giving itself.
Yesterday, a new friend sent me a "cheer" gift, and while the cheer was prearranged and reciprocal, somehow it was still completely unexpected. I think of it, and get all tingly. It is enough to make me want to forsake holiday giving and start only sending out random gifts instead.

And I am thankful that I have such reminders, that somebody is out there thinking of how to make my day brighter. 
This summer I have been just the tiniest bit... off. There is new scheduling at our house due to new working hours. I have more alone time than in the past. This new alone time has given me the misconception that I should be Accomplishing Something. I don't know, something big. 
Because of this misconception, I have found it difficult to settle. If I am not careful these warm summertime hours will be wasted. 
So, I am determined not to waste these precious hours, but to do those things that summer was intended for: playing, reading, lounging about, creating something beautiful if the inspiration strikes, and generally soaking in the peacefulness.
Ready? Go!

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