Saturday, July 25, 2009

All Work and Play

This weekend has included far more working hours than the lovely bits that come between. This being the case, I have decided that all of this effort, surely must warrant recording. It is exciting for me to see it all come together. The designs have been made, worried over, remade, approved and re-approved. The garments have been painstakingly chosen for both style an price.

I have output the films.

Each to make a screen through which the perfect color of ink will be squished.

Layer by layer, color by color, sometimes by hand, sometimes by machine, until the image is just right.

If it is not, it will have to be reworked. A change of color, and change of print order... this print is not just right.

Can you see the difference? I think that we have it this time.

A perfect print and it only took us two days to get this one right.

And another, right out of the dryer. This one we got right the very first time.

A print from yesterday, perhaps my favorite yet.

All work, but everyone in a while,when it all comes together, it feels a lot like play.

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Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

My money is on the sweatshirt - for sure. So cute! I love the ins and outs of screening - good photos!