Sunday, July 12, 2009

Erin's World

Erin's world is full of yarn.

And books.
And Babies.

And beautiful objects. Can we just take a moment to note that this tiny and perfect canvas was created by the drummer of Blind Pilot and I really don't think that it is fair for one person to be so talented.

Yesterday, her world was also full of Strawberry Margaritas!

We traveled far, my Maddie and I, to roll around in Erin's world. And roll we did, with delicious libation aplenty, (virgin for the wee ones) and playtime for all.
See our adventuring feet!

After a gorgeously tactile trip to the yarn shop, we had a delightful rummage through Erin's voluminous library of crafty books, talking frequent breaks to run our fingers through baskets of yarn.

I just have to take another moment to show you this yarn. My favorite of the day, soft and delicate like cobwebs. No, it did not come home with me, just a few too may pennies, but we shared a special moment.

After that we just had to pull out our projects du jour, and sit down on the couch for a good chat and stitch. All that stitching and chatting will make you hungry, and since no was was about to do anything silly like cooking, (plus, apparently the oven was full of dirty dishes:) of course we needed pizza.

Lynda, we thought of you the whole day through... and I got to hear your voice on the answering machine.

Completely satisfied, Maddie and I made the long drive home, already planning for next time.


Lynda said...

You are so lucky to have so many beautiful, perfect days in your life. Can it get better than friendship, babies, yarn, art and cocktails? No it can't! And you even got to drool over Erin's enormous book collection. WOW! Life is good :)

Diana Jo said...

I'm in a whirlwind of activity lately as you know but love this post. So very glad you and Maddie and your friend had a special day. The photos are beautiful and do a great job of capturing your day. Sending love.