Friday, July 10, 2009

In the Spirit of Introduction

In the spirit of relaxing-for-Cripes-Sake! I am going to do a little bit of show and tell with the aforementioned project hinted at here. I wanted to wait until I could link to the spot on my website (my website being one of the Somethings that I wanted to Accomplish) where I also introduced the memory boxes that inspired this particular project. BUT, if I wait, I may not get a chance to show you until next year or sometime vague, and that would be even more anti-climactic than it already is. How is that for a long winded and unnecessary introduction?

This is a box.

It is made of heavy cardboard (the kind used by architecture students) and is held together by strips of cotton brushed with Arlene's archival glue. It is covered outside with vintage postcards, and inside with vintage wallpaper.

The pattern for the box is custom designed by me! The measurements are in picas because the cardboard is about a pica thick. 

I love this box. I love it as much as I loved its forerunners (who will be archived someday, and have the design of an old library filing box.)

Thankfully, I believe that its new owner treasures it also, so I know that it is happy in it's new home.


Diana Jo said...

Such a cute box, such a creative designer. Love it, love it. But love my corkboard box better, you know the one you made and gave me for my 50th, gasp, birthday two years ago? I keep all me extremely important correspondence in that box not to mention "the poem" typed with an actual type-setter which engraved each letter into the paper. How lucky I am to know talented you.

Lynda said...

You are so talented to make this from scratch. I love it. I love how you have used something old to make something new. Even the lining looks opulent. I wonder what treasures will be placed in this box by its lucky new owner.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

This lucky owner is looking for just the right thing(s) to put in it. It looks lovely on my dresser.