Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Days

Here we are, mid July, full on summer. Even here in Oregon the grass is dry, and two showers a day seems barely enough. Now is the time when even the least inclined of us, might get up relatively early on a Saturday to participate in Community Activities. Those of us with memory-making in mind might get up just a wee bit earlier than usual to make coffee, and walk down to the start of a small town parade. We will wave and smile at the middle-aged marching band in tie-dye and crazy hats, we will laugh at the crunch of hard candy hitting the street. We will admire the classic cars, and cheer at a local icon. 

Mid-summer, and those of us who despise pesticides and weed killers almost as much as we despise getting up before the cool of the morning is gone in order to pull weeds, those of us whose weed-eater might just be broken; to us, mid summer will mean knee high dandelions in our to-big-to-water-regularly lawn.
There will also be bands in the park, for those so inclined, and new friends on the dance floor. 

And the weeds will soon be forgotten and pushed aside by the memories made and kept.

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Lynda said...

I love community days. It is so uplifting to see 'strangers' come together and unite in the spirit of the day.It gives me hope that goodness and friendship will prevail in what is sometimes a detached world.
The weeds will wait for you!