Friday, February 5, 2010

Sunny Day

Today was a sunny day here in Oregon. It may not sound like much; but a sunny day in the middle of winter in Oregon is like a present all unwrapped, and we all walk around outside and smile at each other. So that is what we did. My sweet husband and I walked in the morning all over the town; drinking coffee, and talking. Then later, my little Maddie and I walked down for ice cream after school and I listened while she talked.

And we met a little girl in the park who was not really a little girl but instead was a mama, and she had two babies with her, one was 2 and the other only 1 year old. But she was so young. She was at that part where you are staying at home with your babies, and they are not in school yet, and all you do is just be a mom, and you don't really know how, and you can't remember how to do anything else, and it is precious and terrifying, and feels as if it will never end. But it does, too soon. She seemed lonely, and I wanted to be her friend, so that she would remember what it was like to be a person and a mama at the same time. And then I thought maybe she hadn't had much time to be a person yet anyway, being so young. Would that make it harder or easier? I am still not sure. But I have her number, and she has mine and we will see. Is that strange?

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Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Sounds just right to me - I still feel like that young mom sometimes - another reason I'm glad to have a friend like you!