Monday, September 14, 2009

Unveiling of Swankity

Two of my rather ingenious friends, came up with the rather ingenious idea to start a company. This company would be called Swankity, and it would be fueled by the various passions of, well, people. Simultaneously, they came up with another ingenious idea, and that was to have me design for them. At least, I think that was the order. Either way, I am very thrilled with their brains.

The original thought, when traced back to its very origins was to provide some stuff for the peeps hanging out in predominantly male oriented passions. Namely ATV's, classic cars, gun shows, etc. There are LOTS of ladies at these shows and events, and just nothing for them. Unless of course you enjoy big ugly man shirts with boring prints, and we don't. So classic cars is where we start, and we do love us some classic cars, especially, I will admit, of the rat rod variety.

Here is our first show at Wheels & Waves in Seaside, OR. The booth looked gorgeous, and if I can say so, the shirts did too. Pretty please check out the entire line to date at

The site just went live 3 days ago, and needs lots of fine tuning, as well as little things like a shopping cart, but we are SO very excited about this venture, and have a list roughly a couple of kilometers long of ideas for car designs, as well as a myriad of new passions that need their own line of Swankity gear. Deep breath.

Here are a couple of car pics. It was after all, a car show.

And have a kiss from the giant martini glass. We are all out of Blow Pops.


Anonymous said...

These girls rock and so do the shirts!! Keep up the great work. PK

katielizabeth said...

Hey thanks, PK! You're not so bad yourself!

Lynda said...

That is certainly a big project to unveil. Fantastic idea as I have been hauled off to car shows over the years and find them a tad boring.
Good luck and may the inspiration for great designs flow!

Diana Jo said...

Very cool little niece!!! Nice play on words and really cute designs. You didn't mention how the booth did at the unveiling event?
Can't wait to see you in less than two weeks.
Love Auntie Di