Friday, September 18, 2009


Ahhh! The weekend. I have been waiting for this day since Monday! Sooo good. Today, I walked my little girl to school, and then I came home, got back in bed and did not open my eyes until noon. Sheer bliss. Shall I tell you what I have on my to-do list this weekend. Not a damn thing, that's what. It feels heavenly. I have stuck a few things on there, just in cases. I may get them done. I may not.

I have already done the grocery shopping. Something I hate. Have I mentioned that? This hatred may be made worse by the fact that our little town has boiled itself down to one grocery store. Safeway. I have nothing against Safeway, exactly, but a little heathy competition is good for the soul. Not only are the obvious things like selection and price affected, but can I just mention that the place is crowded ALL of the time? But that is done for the week... possibly for the next 2 weeks. We'll see. So, I may not have to leave the house at all.

Clean a little, craft a little, snuggle on the couch? Yes, please.

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