Friday, September 11, 2009

New Beginnings

Yesterday was the first day of 4th grade. It was the first day of many other grades as well, but not at out house. At our house there was only one new grade, and that was 4th. Yesterday was also the day of my fabulous friend Kala's going away party. She is moving to Portland, because everyone moves to Portland. It is the place to be. And me without my camera. Of course. The whole day. I did not even pick up my camera once. I walked my baby to school, and then I kicked myself the entire way home. Not to worry though. I got pictures today, and we can just pretend that they are the first day of school pictures, and no one will be the wiser. Right? We will just call them the first day of school pictures and then pretty soon, we will not even remember that they were taken on the second day of school. . . or the third, because really the pictures I got today were crap.

But the first day of school was good, and the second was good. New friends were made, and old ones greeted. The new teacher was approved, and the class hamster met with MUCH excitement. My fabulous friend Kala looked even more fabulous than usual and we said our not-so-good-byes, as Portland is not so very far away. A new day began, and this time I remembered my camera. The spiders were very gratified, I am sure.

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Diana Jo said...

Very cool web shots. I HATE it when I forget my camera. Its almost like forgetting to brush your teeth, it just leaves a bad taste. BUT alas you are right. A new day dawns and one forgets. Just like I have long forgotten the day I took pictures of my two children all dressed up for the first day of school. They are posed so cute in front of the tree in the front yard. Except it wasn't the first day of school. I was a day early. I drove them 20 minutes down our country road only to find the school completely empty. But like I said, that is completely forgotten.