Sunday, January 2, 2011


The start of the New Year. It always seems just a bit anticlimactic to me. But here in this peaceful recovery of a weekend there is still a lot of hope for new beginnings, and starting fresh. 2010 was lovely and busy. The best parts involved family and friends that are near, and some that are very far. Too far. I am certain that the best bits of the New Year will include those same special people. If I could, I would gather them all up, and we would live in a fabulous creative commune somewhere with gorgeous little houses for everyone, and one great big barn of a place where there would be dinner and dancing every night. Just a little impossible dream to start the year off.

I am sure you are wondering about the Adorable calendar you see here. Design Sponge had this great little tutorial for the calendar that I just had to make for some special faraways. The inspiration for the images that I used was gathered from the far corners of the web. Some I snagged from creatives on Etsy, others were much more random. I drew out the images with my fancy computer program, and then used fabric and embroidery to embellish. I don't like iron on transfers so I laid the calendar out in said fancy program, and printed it directly onto the canvas from my little HP after backing each piece with freezer paper. My printer did not like this part. It complained that the canvas was too thick. Well, that is just too bad for it. The printing turned out so cute that I persisted. Please see below for image credit.

January: from Embroidery seen on Wood, Wool, and Stool flicker stream, Flopsy and Mopsy are from Badbirds etsy store, So many pots is SeaSprayBlue Etsy, I can't for the life of me find the sweet elephants again. The other images found inspiration in several places.


Erin Joy said...

Whoa - those are amazing! You're amazing! I'm completely amazed! Did I mention the amazing part?

Lynda said...

Knock me down with a feather! You are brilliant. So many talents that I don't know about you yet!! Totally awesome and I'm blown away by your cleverness :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

You guys are too sweet!