Saturday, May 8, 2010

Corners of my Own

I won't play catch up. Not today, though I have pictures from as far back as Easter that I took to show you, but then did not. Mildly ironic seeing how my first post ever was candy colored Easter eggs, 151 posts ago. Instead I will simply show you a few corners of my own. Little almost vignettes that have been making me smile lately. A few special 25 cent purchases from our morning yard sale foray. Yes, that is an aluminum needle gauge. Yes, I did plop down a quarter for that pamphlet of lacy crochet edgings because the cover is so perfectly lovely. Yes, I am very pleased with the color combination of my morning 75 cents well spent.

This last one is for Lynda, kindred spirit across miles of land and ocean. There are more in my collection, but I am only showing the most organized bit.


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Hurray! She's back! We missed you girl. I know what that "internal only" mode is like, though. No good forcing the words. I love the pamphlets - vintage chic. I did a little thrifting of my own (when did that become a verb, anyway?). I'll show mine soon.

Lynda said...

Ditto! We missed you girl.
lol, adore your organised magazines if only mine were so neat.

Diana Jo said...

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" so, I like you more now than I use that doesn't sound quite right. How about, I'm just glad you are posting again?!! Love you.

Anonymous said...

I also am glad you are posting again. I have missed the little glimpses into the places in your mind that we do not often go.
love Mom