Saturday, January 2, 2010

One More Day of Freedom


Lynda said...

Are they whopping big candy canes or do they just look huge?

Diana Jo said...

I know what you mean Katie. Its back to work for me tomorrow too. Trying to figure out how to best use my last day off. I'll probably start by going to Michael's and getting some frames, buy one get one FREE!!! I want to be productive by truthfully I want to laze around and do nothing. Poor form.

katielizabeth said...

I know what you mean Diana, it is essential to get the best balance between completely relaxed and productive. I have a hard time getting to the productive if I have not had my share of relaxation:)
Of course, relaxation is really just boredom if you don't have enough productivity, but who has time for that.

The candy canes are normal sized, but the lollipop is huge!