Friday, January 22, 2010

New Friends

Gorgeous new yarn, meet new leather chair.

New leather chair was found at a junk shop and purchased for the price of a pillow. Gorgeous new yarn was purchased with with care at an online shop called knitpicks. I hope that you will become good friends, as we will all be spending a great deal of time together.

I just knew they would like each other.
I think that it is important when making introductions to include personal details. It shows consideration, and makes it cozier. Don't you think?


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Oh man - new yarn AND new chair? My eyes are turning green as we speak! I want to come and sit in it and knit and drink spiked hot chocolate. Right now!

katielizabeth said...

Yeah man!

Lynda said...

Oh me too. I'd probably say hold the chocolate though! Love the chair - what a find!
And what will become of the yarn?

Diana Jo said...

Ooooh, aaahh. I'v seen and sat in the chair and can attest to its beauty and comfort, but the yarn is a different story. You'll have to post the finished product.
Love Auntie Di