Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brookings, OR

Last month we took our annual Anniversary trip. Just me and my man. We do love our Anniversary trips and dearly love to explore the Oregon Coast. So, we were off to Brookings. 

Brookings is a weird little town. They have commandeered most of their rather nice beachfront property for a water treatment plant, and a mill of all things. Weird. The entire town shuts down, as far as we could tell at about 5, and doesn't actually come alive until around 11:00 am. See.

We did find a rather fabulous bookstore that was open until 6. I forgot to snap a picture, but I did find a good one from their fb page that gives you an idea of the wonderful stacked and shelved bookishness of the place.  I think that you can imagine the giddiness incited by seeing the the open door of the bookstore in an otherwise dead town. Practically magical.

Earl E Books - Brookings, OR
I forgot to snap a pic, but found a good one on their fb page that shows the stacks and shelves of bookishness.

We stayed at the South Coast Inn. Very nice, despite their website.

Their picture. Again, I forgot to snap one.

And they have wild life. This deer appeared out of nowhere.

Only to be joined by her baby. Apparently, they were visiting some friends.

Say "Hi."

Besides their magical bookstore, the town of Brookings boasts nice views,

a beached whale graveyard, ( I did take pictures, but decided to spare you. You are welcome.)

the best play structure ever,

and a really creepy weeping angel


Erin Joy said...

Why do you think it's so deserted?? Duh! Ha ha ha! I haven't been to Brookings in 14 years. I wonder if they still have my pillow...

Lynda said...

How did hubby get you out of the book store? I read their motto is 'Where flowers meet the sea' - how charming! Wishing you many more happy anniversary times away with your man!

Katie Elizabeth said...

You guys are awesome.

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