Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Swantown, Olympia

My hubby and I took our anniversary trip a bit early this year. Ok, a month early. Blame Living Social. We decided to take a break from our usual coastal explorations, and headed to Olympia, WA. We stayed at the Swantown Inn B & B. Swantown is a lovely Victorian, with great Craftsman details, and I forgot my camera. I got in a few shots with my old, old phone. Let's see what Photoshop can do.

Olympia feels kind of rock and roll to me. In the style of a 90's grunge band. We hung out in a record store, and bought a Jack White Album, and Norah Jones latest. A dark break-up album that she wrote with Danger Mouse. There were some great thrift stores, and there may have been a flannel shirt purchase. There was even a jam band. We listened for about 3 songs. Sorry. Jam bands are kind of boring. Even good ones with saxophones, and flutists, and a lead guitarist that looks like Jesus.

There were also street kids hanging out in the warm rain, coffee, and there were bookstores. Olympia's vibe may have been influenced by my choice of reading material. A novel about a rock station with Vampire DJ's. Maybe. 


Erin Joy said...

Sounds like my kinda place. The coffee looks fab. I've listened to Miriam about ten times now.

Lynda said...

Oh I loved 90's grunge. Fell head over heels for Nirvana. Glad your phone camera worked. You know I love photos :)
Sounds like a perfect spot for an anniversary get away!

doors Adelaide said...

Looks like a fine place for vintage-obsessed people, like me! I love collecting vintage stuffs, to me they are valuable. Just as these pictures you took here. The door, one thing that caught my attention, it looks great and smart!